As many of you were aware by now, Collector Vision Games had released a great game called Sydney Hunter and the Caverns of Death for the SNES; a game in which you play as Sydney trapped inside an ancient volcanic cavern and the aim to survive and win your freedom. Well if you don’t have a SNES and instead a NES, you’ll be pleased to know that Electric Adventures is not just working on a port of the game, but if you check out the latest update posted below, you can view the latest footage and developments.

Although many of us had the opportunity to play this incredible game on the SNES and the fact Sydney Hunter and the Caverns of Death had finished development in February 2019 for the Colecovision and MSX. Electric Adventures who is creating this version for the NES has said in relation to the latest video posted to Facebook viewed (HERE). Not only are many of the stages now complete which includes puzzle elements that are now interactive, but the code has been written to detect duplicate patterns which cleared up enough room for the rope climbing and sliding sprite patterns, and more testing is in progress with the game nearing competition.

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