Down the years the vast majority of our lives have become digital From communication to ordering a grocery shop, and even how we game. The video game and mobile gaming industry today is worth billions and while we’ve seen plenty of new games hit the virtual shelves, there are plenty inspired by traditional forms of offline gaming too.

Some make the transition from offline to online seamlessly, even overtaking the more traditional format in some cases. After all, how many people load up online casinos daily in comparison to walking onto the casino floors in Las Vegas? Others haven’t really been able to offer the same kind of thrills with a mouse and keyboard as they can in the real world.

Below you’ll find some of the old school games that have made a successful transition into the online world and have remained firm favourites down the years…

Slot Machines

Slot machines have always been an intriguing game for players. On the whole, they’re simple to play and offer tons of fun themes whether you’re sat in the corner of a bar or on one of the biggest slot sites around.

However, they also offer plenty of intrigue and if you get your tactics right they can payout big. The payouts have only got bigger since making the shift to online, with millions up for grabs each and every day. Is there a trick to slot machines? Or are they just pure luck?

Many have their theories and you’ll find plenty of hacks and tips online in a type of game that has become an online favourite perhaps more than any other.


Playing snooker and pool is all about working the angles and planning your move, and that really does work on a screen too. With a birds eye view of the table, you can play the same way you would on a real table, thanks to the excellent view.

What’s more, you’ll find dozens of games available to rack up, with graphics becoming more lifelike than ever before. You can select the scene around you, while in many cases you can also play other players from across the world, allowing you to analyse their styles and strategically play against them.

If you love the game but just simply can’t get the hang of it in real-life, it’s also much easier to play, with you reliant on clicks and taps rather than a smooth and seamless action. Like real snooker, billiards and pool, you can also dictate how you play the shot, with the ability to put screw back and various other styles of shot.


Poker is of course one of the big games that have successfully moved online. In fact, some people even make a living of playing online poker these days. World Series of Poker champions often come from online players, while many others use the online version simply to catch up with friends and play a few hands.

There are thousands of poker rooms online, with many different variants from three card poker to texas hold’em and more. They are played in exactly the same was as they would be at a table and offer the same thrills, with the ability to apply strategy and real players, albeit in a different way.

Rather than look into the whites of an opponent’s eye, you’ll be reliant upon monitoring their gameplay and analysing things such as chat boxes to uncover their tells.


While nothing can really replace being on the terraces watching some of the world’s stars, you can get closer to the action than ever before and live out your life as a footballer through the likes of FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer.

FIFA has long been one of the most successful games around and its popularity has only increased with the introduction of online play and career modes. What’s more, tournaments are popping up globally with significant prize pots on offer.

While that won’t bring you the sort of money footballers actually make, it’s a sport which has transitioned well to the online world and made many opportunities for people who don’t necessarily have the ability to be running down the wing, but with a controller in their hand can really show some skills.

Many footballers love the game too, perhaps showing just how well and lifelike the games have become over the last few years.




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