Old School Gamer Magazine chats with Antstream Arcade CEO Steve Cotton, who talks about his earliest moments in gaming, as well as the journey his game streaming service has taken him on over the past few years. With a mission to spread the love of retro gaming and make the games of yesteryear accessible to everyone, Cottam’s adventure is one every retro gamer should be behind.

Old School Gamer (OSG): How was AntStream born?

Steve Cottam (SC): Antstream was born out of my belief that great games should be as accessible as music, books, and movies. I want every gamer to be able to enjoy Retro Gaming. There has always been a way to
“find” games online and configure an emulator, but nothing in gaming comes close to the accessibility or value for money being offered by services like Spotify and YouTube. Having a platform that rewards content creators is also a big motivation for me.

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