On Wednesday, August 5th, 2020, Tommy Tallarico and many other vital members of the newly reformed Intellivision company held a special web event to give the world the latest news on their brand new Amico console.

The broadcast kicked off with a well-produced video package that highlighted just how indispensable the original Intellivision system was in the ’80s to the video game industry. For those who grew up with the original console, this opening video provided a nostalgic nod to the unique games and accessories that made Intellivision stand out from its competitors. Being unique is the same strategy that Intellivision wants to use for the Amico, but not to compete with Nintendo, Microsoft, or Sony. Instead, they want to appeal to a more casual game audience, in the form of couch co-op with friends and family.

Following the opening video package, Tommy Tallarico solidified that the Intellivision Amico is genuinely a video game system for everyone. All games on the Amico will be family-oriented and stay away from the blood and guts that you can find….

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