As many of  you know by now that the ZX-DEV Media and Demakes compo had been launched and gave you the chance to not only create an awesome game where the contestants had to either submit a game which is based on any of the different Communicational Media such as TV or Movies, but you could also create a Spectrum demake of an existing game for a machine more powerful than the Spectrum. Well one such game that is the highlight of todays news story, is a brand new demake of Escape from Colditz (Amiga) from Ariel Endaraues and team called ‘The Last Escape’.

During the Second World War, Colditz Castle was a maximum security prison, where high-ranking military personnel and officers known for their escape attempts were held. You are the captain of the Royal Air Force, Rick “Smasherman” Reid and your mission will be the one that nobody accomplished before; escape Colditz and return home safely. The game was coded and graphics by Ariel Endaraues, intro and loading screen by Juan Fernandez and music by Mr. Rancio.

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