If you are not yet familiar with the concepts of “cloud gaming” or “indie games”, but you are a passionate gamer interested in discovering fresh experiences, then you’ve reached the right spot. We are going to briefly debate the two gaming trends that are on the rise as mobile operators deploy 5G networks. These gaming trends that are prone to sneak into our lives more sooner than you may think so let’s take a look on what to expect!

5G Games – The Future Of Mobile Gaming

Without a doubt, there has been a lot of doubt concerning the actual abilities of 5G technologies and the way they could become a reality in fields like gaming, with special emphasis on mobile gaming and gambling. Unofficially, China has been awarded the title of “the greatest user of 5G technology” on the planet, despite the introduction of 5G in the US, the UK and several other countries. Given the impressively large number of Chinese players that love video games constantly looking for better and faster experiences, we can see why the country has opened its arms wide and embraced to 5G faster than other nations. Since the technology enables 10x faster speeds compared to its predecessor (4G), the problem of lagging games can be easily and completely eliminated. Just imagine a 4G technology that handles 500Mbps and its 5G counterpart supporting 5GBps! It would definitely make a huge difference. Furthermore, as 5G will allow websites to load faster, the online casino industry is a big beneficiary of this development. Despite the efforts by the best online casinos to optimize for mobile gaming, there are still gamers who are constantly confronted with the issue of lagging while playing online. 5G technology will definitely help to boost the online casino industry further!

Cloud Gaming – What Can We Expect From It?

You might already be familiar with cloud data storage options that allow you to store huge amounts of photos, documents and other information in the cloud, for easy and immediate access 24/7, no matter where you are or what device you might be using. No need to download any games or special software, no extra hassle. Can you imagine picking up your favorite phone, tablet or laptop and resume your gameplay on the spot?

Cloud gaming promises to completely change the face of gaming by allowing passionate gamers to enjoy total freedom when accessing the games they enjoy the most with zero restrictions. However, the cloud gaming concept is not exactly brand new. In fact, several gaming developers have already embraced gaming with the help of streaming platforms so far, and their numbers are expected to grow in the near future. This is especially true since giants like Google are already searching for the most reliable solution in this department. You might be familiar with the Stadia project that is owned by Google, or the XCloud that belongs to Microsoft. Gamers are expected to enjoy quite a few more similar platforms that will eliminate the need to use regular gaming consoles, saving them money and enabling more gameplay convenience.

Given the fact that 2020 is also the year when the Xbox Project Scarlett and the PS5 are announced to be launched, it is safe to say that we can expect to witness a genuine battle between cloud and classic console or PC gaming. We are sure that gamers will be the true winners at the end of this battle. After all, developers are struggling to offer the most advanced, entertaining and convenient solutions possible, which means players will benefit from more and more spectacular options to enjoy.

Indie Games – Growing In Popularity

You have been probably playing indie games for a while now without even realizing it. For example, you might be loving a game that has not been developed by a huge gaming developer like Nintendo, Sony, Ubisoft, Electronic Arts or SEGA. Still, the game is extremely entertaining, smooth and pleasant to play, with lots of cool features and elements. Just think about games developed by Stardew Valley or Minecraft. These are some of the most obscure games that have made their way out of the darkness and into the main market in no time. These are the so-called indie game developers that represent more than 70 percent of the games you can currently find in the Google Play Store or the App Store.

The popularity of indie games is, therefore, irrefutable and only expected to be growing even more in the upcoming years. The stiffer the competition, the more valuable the research in the field is going to be, which means players are going to constantly benefit from better games.

As you can see from this article, the future of gaming looks brighter than ever!

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