This is a port to the Sega Genesis / Mega drive of our latest game, with many improvements and extras.
This video shows the intro and first minutes of game-play of Metal Dragon for the Genesis / Mega drive (NTSC format):
The game is a parody of some warlike games from the 80’s and 90’s that we love.
You will see it has strong influences on Mercs, Desert Assault, Metal Gear and other games.
Please don’t take this game too seriously, we made the original one just for fun and we made it like that because we wanted to.
This game is filled with 80’s references from arcade games and movies, so it is mainly focused to 40 year old people and above.
Younger players will probably not get many of the references and humor in the game, as well as the game-play.
Here are some links to a playable demo:
Sufficient support of this project will ensure that we will make more and better games for the Sega Genesis/Mega drive
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