It never happened — but we got really close to having the President of the United States come to Ottumwa to meet with Iowa Governor Terry Branstad in Twin Galaxies and make a statement on video games.

Most serious gamers already know that Iowa Governor Terry Branstad came to Twin Galaxies on Saturday, March 19, 1983, and honored the city of Ottumwa as being the “Video Game Capital of the World.” His visit was, essentially, a stamp of approval issued in recognition of the city’s earlier claim as the “video game capital.” (SEE CARD #55).

Branstad didn’t come alone, either. Also in attendance were Don Osborne, the President of Atari, Glenn Braswell, the Executive Director of the Washington-D.C.-based Amusement Games Manufacturers Association (AGMA), Eddie Adlum, the founding publisher/editor of RePlay Magazine, Sue Adamo, features editor of New York-based Video Games magazine, Jim Riley, the creator of the Electronic Circus, and tons of excited video game competitors. (SEE CARD #82). Read the rest of this article by on page 10 clicking here!




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Walter Day - As the founder of Twin Galaxies, the oldest video game scorekeeping and adjudication service in history, Walter Day is known as the creator of e-sports and has often been called The Patron Saint of Video Games.  His remarkable efforts to find, verify and catalog video game world records has led to a decades-long partnership with The Guinness Book of World Records.