GOG Is Bringing Good Old Games Back To Life
The Wheel of Time Is Now Available

The classic FPS The Wheel of Time released for modern PCs with Nightdive Studios • Revealing a list of 500+ Good Old Games available on GOG •

April 6th, 2022 – GOG, the digital distribution platform known for its DRM-free approach to games and its knack for classic games, makes another move to preserve the gaming’s past for future generations.

The Wheel of Time, the classic FPS game based on the cult fantasy series by Robert Jordan and set in his rich fantasy universe is once again available to play, as a result of GOG’s and Nightdive Studios’ cooperation. Thanks to the mutual efforts and in-house expertise of GOG’s Tech Team the game received modern OS compatibility and hi-resolution support to return to modern computers. The Wheel of Time is now available on Windows 7, 8, 10, 11, and discounted 10% off until April 13th.

Just in time for this classic release, a household name makes a return to GOG. Originally, GOG stood for Good Old Games. The idea for the company was born from the wish to play older games in a legal and easy-to-use way. As the classic games hold a special place in our heart, we’d like to come back to our roots and devote more attention to highlighting the gems of the past. It means that our goal is for GOG to become, once again, the best place for classic PC games.

To achieve this while helping classic games shine again, and getting discovered by even more people, we’re reviving the concept of Good Old Games. We’re starting with adding the “Good Old Game” tag, which showcases over 500 games that our Team has deemed iconic classics – games that are older than 10 years and are critically acclaimed, stand the test of time, defined certain mechanics, or simply created new genres. You’ll find there games like Bioshock, Baldur’s Gate, Fallout, Blade Runner, Gothic, and many many more. Of course, this is in part our subjective choice, but we hope to inspire you to check them out for yourselves, have fun with them, and see if you agree with our assessment.

We believe that celebrating and preserving classic games is important. They have the power to connect generations. They have the power to evoke nostalgia. They have the power to teach us about what came before and shaped the games we enjoy today. They deserve to be remembered, and available for everyone to enjoy.

This is just another step to give Good Old Games a well-deserved spot on GOG. The invitation is here and it’s waiting for you! Rediscover with us the games that have been universally loved or search for hidden gems that didn’t get their time in the spotlight. Whatever you choose, we commit to bringing you the best classics experience out there: playable offline, compatible with new OSs, packed with additional digital goodies, and with the ability to back up anywhere at any time to ensure that the games we offer are playable for years to come.

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