Thanks to Remute who contacted us just recently, he has told us that he has released the latest Album  for the Atari Jaguar called There is Hope. As in the words of Remute “Within only five years Remute became the trailblazer for game cartridge based music albums delivering releases for consoles like Super Nintendo, Gameboy, Sega Genesis, Nintendo 64 and many more. In 2024 he surprises us with the very first music album for Atari’s ill-fated, but immensely powerful Jaguar – the first 64-bit game console ever released back in 1993”.

Furthermore as noted by Remute “There Is Hope“ comes as a region-free 6 Megabyte cartridge filled to the brim with 12 catchy songs adventurously hallucinating about sexy utopian cyberpunk fantasies. Yep, that’s right, utopia! So if you’re tired of repetitive cyberpunk dystopia then join Remute’s passionate daydream full of glittering synthwave lines, metaphoric vocals and thumping techno beats! Also as an added bonus, There Is Hope“ gets generated in real time by the console every time you pop the cartridge in and play it. Use the Jaguar’s unique number pad and pick your favorite tune while enjoying the beautiful artwork and GUI of acclaimed Jaguar coder MindThreat.”.

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