Checking our Facebook feeds today we recently had a heads up from our good friend Ethan Knight of a new update that everyone in the BBC Micro community is sure to be excited over. Yes indeed if you had a BBC Micro back in the 1980’s, then make sure to check out the 3D BBC Micro Simulator of VirtualBeeb! As in the words of our good friend Ethan “I wish to God Mr Carless or Mr Gilchrist could have seen this. Everything about it just smacked me right back to computer class 🥰 A fully emulated BBC Micro, in your browser, capable of doing everything a Model B could do! You can even write code on it or connect to Telnet o/”

VirtualBeeb is an interactive 3D Model of the BBC Micro 1981. Choose from 100’s of games and experience the sights and sounds of the original hardware. Retro computing for the metaverse! Created for the BBC Micro’s 40th, VirtualBeeb is FOSS Built on the jsbeeb emulator by Matt Godbolt, Paul Malin, Anthony Mercer, and Dominic Pajak!

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