Even more news to get through, as we have recently been informed by Saberman, that a new Amiga demo is now available for the upcoming game of ‘Tony’ by Monochrome Productions! While we don’t have any information about what has changed in this new 1.3 demo, all we can go on is this new demo footage video which was provided by Saberman: A short playthrough which gives us a better look at the game by Pawel Tukatsch, Michal Brzeziki, Rafal Dudek and XLent,


As we said before, while the details are still very sparce about ‘Tony’ which is a tribute to Tony Halik. From what we can see via the demo video provided by Saberman. Tony looks to feature not just monochrome graphics (marmite for some!), but deadly enemies such as bats and snakes, charming animations, nasty spike traps, and a nod to classic monochrome platformers games many of us still love to this day. And that’s all we have on this demo, but as ever as soon as we know more we will of cause let you know 🙂
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