Retro video games have a treasured place in the hearts of gamers anywhere you go. These classic titles from the days before the sleek graphics of today have continued to be enjoyed by fans of all ages.

From the arcade games we remember to the early days of big chunky home consoles, there are countless retro games that have left an impression on the gaming world.

In this article, we will explore up and down this nostalgic stride and learn about the top 10 retro video games of all time. From unforgettable characters to earth-shattering gameplay, these games have earned their place in video game history and continue to be adored by gamers everywhere.

1.  Street Fighter II’ Turbo: Hyper Fighting

Made in 1992 as an arcade game, this one is a favorite memory down the lane for all retro fans. Capcom didn’t disappoint its audience with this one. Gamers all over the world remember Street Fighter being one of the best 90’s games they’ve ever played.

2.  Super Mario Bros. 3

The Super Mario franchise created a lot of hype all over the world. People wanted the latest editions, especially since the game was a hit in 1993. Believe it or not, rescuing Princess Peach is something most gamers remember doing once in their life. It was a relief to get to the last stage indeed and complete the motive of the game. The design created by the developers added to the mystery of Super Mario in all of the game’s stages.

3.  The Legend of Zelda

The first Legend of Zelda laid down the future of the game franchise. Still living on today, it’s been over 30 years since the game last came out. Almost every millennial remembers playing this game and it is definitely one of the top 3 retro games of all time. Ever since its release, the franchise developers who have handed the re-releases to other companies like Flagship, have been working on it to give their fans a better experience.

4.  Donkey Kong

Super Mario & The Legend of Zelda aren’t the only best retro games, there’s more! Nintendo made a great hit in the year of 1981, leading to its popularity. The game launch caused cafes, bars, and even more to place arcade machines that would engage their customers in this game. Nintendo wouldn’t have gotten its popularity in that era if it weren’t for Donkey Kong.

5.  Sonic The Hedgehog 2

Sega won the hearts of its audience after the launch of Sonic The Hedgehog 1 & 2. After the second launch, the competition with Nintendo’s Mario franchise was strong. But its release caused it to be one of the most popular games out there to this day.

Hardly anyone can forget Sonic The Hedgehog, Miles, Knuckles, and Cream The Rabbit! All the characters and their special powers added to the thrill of the game.

6.  Streets of Rage 2

This side-scrolling fighting game was all the craze in the 90s. Even the generations that came after have loved this game dearly!

7.  Tetris

Tetris is one of the games you just can’t forget. In 2010, it became the best-selling paid phone game of all time, and the third best-selling game topping categories altogether. It had a whopping number of 100 million downloads when it had to get discounted in 2020 due to EA license expiration. Such longevity of the game certifies it as a classic, making it as popular as family-friendly, timeless card games like online casino blackjack, which players indulge in online using cryptocurrency deposits.

8.  Outrun

Outrun, another important game, was an arcade game released in 1986. Although a relatively old game, it still lives in the hearts of players worldwide. Now, racing car games are more advanced due to controls and graphics.

Studies have shown that customization and natural controls are exactly what actually enhance the gaming experience for modern-day gamers. With that being said, outrun was and still is a classic retro game.

9.  Space Invaders

The first ever classic cover shooter, this game launched in 1978. The thrill of stopping the aliens from space invading, you have to shoot and stay alive.

10. Super Mario Kart

This game came out in 1992, but it stuck with Super Mario fans as a beautiful memory for many years ahead. The overall concept of the game was new to the gaming space. People all over the world loved it and it’s still a classic retro game to this day.


All old-school gamers love reminiscing the good times they spent playing retro arcade games. These 10 retro games opened up the gaming world to a myriad of possibilities.

Gaming companies created more for the audience, which led to the latest technological revolutions that recent games have brought on.

What we now call “retro games” and the thrill around them paved the path for future games ahead. Every gamer to this day loves the first few games that got them into gaming.




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