Gaming has come a long way since the glory days of the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s. Technology has naturally been a big driver here as the way that consoles and games have developed has seen massive changes in how we play. The whole essence of what being a gamer means though has changed and made it a viable career choice for many. Using a Chumba Casino bonus code is a great illustration of this idea in action as it allows you to earn cash prizes while trying out the latest titles.

Not only does playing online casino games give you the chance to win lots of money, but it also allows you to make your passion for gaming pay. The great thing for modern gamers is that playing online casino games for money is only the start of it! The truth is that the gaming sector has grown to such an extent that there are lots of other cool ways to make gaming profitable.

But which are some of the best ways to go about this?

Game developer/programmer

If you are looking to make some decent money from gaming (possibly using befreela), then becoming a game developer or programmer is a good option. The average national wage in the US is around $50,000 for professionals in this sector, which is pretty good. Of course, as well as the pay, you get to work in a career you love and do something you find fulfilling. As the name suggests, this job sees you working for a game studio and being responsible for developing new game ideas or programming games themselves to be released. If you are really into gaming, then you might have the right skills already, though you might need to head to college to pick up the necessary official qualifications.


eSports is a growing trend around the globe where teams of players compete professionally in offline and online tournaments as fans roar them on. Do not think that they are playing old-school titles such as Populous: The Beginning or Street Fighter though – these professional players are more at home with titles such as FIFA, Call of Dutyor Overwatch. Naturally, you have to have the talent to compete with the best and gain the attention of the top pro eSports teams to succeed here. If you do though, you can earn some big money. The prize money on offer to pro gamers has grown with the popularity of eSports and can now often be in the millions for the world’s best players.


One route that many gamers are taking now is using social media to build up a digital fanbase and generate income. If you need any convincing of this, take a look at famous Minecraft and PokémonYouTube sensation, DanTDM. This British gamer has over 20 million subscribers to his channel and is estimated to have a net worth of $20m!

This has all been generated by his love for gaming and his ability to use social media to his advantage. As well as the money he gets from people wanting to advertise on his YouTube channel, he rakes in cash from other sources such as official merchandise. If you can produce videos of you playing games and offering tips that engage people in a similar way, there is every chance of you also becoming a YouTube gaming sensation.

Buying and selling gaming tech

 We all know that sites such as eBay and Gumtree are great for selling off that old cupboard or bike you no longer need. But did you know that they can help you make money from gaming as well? Of course, this could be as simple as selling off old tech or consoles you no longer play with. But to really establish a career from gaming, it is also worth thinking about buying rare games to sell on sites such as these. Think that this can’t pay? Tell that to the person who sold Stadium Eventson the NES for over $40,000 back in 2017. If you can find valuable games to pick up at the right price, you could earn some serious dough as a gamer.

 Making money as a gamer can be done

 We all know that playing video games or casino games online is lots of fun. If you have some spare time to kill, or simply want to spend a few hours escaping to another world, they are ideal. But this is not all that gaming can offer. As the above shows, there are many ways to make money from your hobby and actually turn being a gamer into a profitable pastime.


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