If you have an Amstrad CPC and looking for another game to play through this week, then thanks to a heads up via Saberman, Liqmatrix and XeNoMoRPH, we’ve been told that Fitosoft has released a new game for the Amstrad called ‘Transylvania Castle’; an arcade platformer in which you need to traverse all the levels to end the evil curse by¬†finding Count Dracula and ending his life. To coincide with this Amstrad news, Saberman has also done a gameplay video viewable below.

According to Fitosoft, in this adventure, you play as the famous professor, and your mission within three days is to end a terrible curse before the curse ends your life. The first step will be to go through all the rooms of the castle, until you find Count Dracula and end his life for good. Only then will you be able to remove this evil! Just make sure to find the key that allows you to escape from the castle, since after entering it, the heavy door has closed in your path and only with this key will you be able to open it.

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