Retro gaming is a great way to improve your cognitive skills, including your problem-solving abilities. More than 227 million Americans regularly game, according to recent statistics, with retro games being a popular choice. To make the most of these old-school games, you need a spacious gaming den to play them in. Here’s how to transform your spare room into a gaming den that you’ll never want to leave.
Stick with a retro theme
A modern computer and large screen are likely to take center stage in your gaming den, even if you solely play retro games. Don’t let the modern gaming world take over your den’s design, though. Choose a retro design throughout the rest of the room so there’s no denying that you’re a retro gamer. You’ll find many video game room design ideas when you search online. They’ll help you perfect setting up your room in places such as the attic and give you pointers on how to set up multiple consoles. One way to get your retro room spot on is to hang up some sturdy shelves that you can display your beloved games on. Neon signs and vintage posters make good wall decor. You could even plaster the walls with wallpaper or a mural of your favorite retro gaming design. Imagine how good your room will look with Pac-Man, Magaman, or Parappa the Rapper on.
Set the mood 
The average gamer spends 7.6 hours per week gaming. But, let’s be honest, it’s easy to spend a lot longer than that gaming, especially once you’ve got your dedicated gaming den up and running. Make your gaming room as comfortable as possible with good-quality seating. Inflatable gaming chairs are very retro. A more durable option is a reclining club chair with a footrest. Decent lighting is a must for avoiding eye strain when gaming. LED strip lights in various colors work well both on the ceiling and under your gaming desk. If there’s a retro game you love, look for a wall lamp or desk light in the shape of the main character. You could even build a retro bar in your room so you and your friends can kick back and relax for hours.
Go all out with retro games
Tetris, Pac-Man, Super Mario Bros, and Sonic the Hedgehog are four of the best-selling retro games. While you can play these games on modern consoles, there’s no better way to play them than on arcade machines. Pack them into your den side-by-side just like they’re arranged in a real-life arcade for an authentic experience. You could even add a pinball machine or pool table into your retro gaming room to make it as fun and dynamic as possible.
A gaming den should be a relaxing space to retreat to. As an avid player of retro games, you’ll want your room to show your passion for retro games. This is why you should theme your den and pay homage to some of the best retro gaming characters.
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