The PlayStation 2 is the best-selling console of all-time and one where the list of great games is too many to list in just one sitting. As far as Sports games go, the list of forgotten, under-appreciated and underrated titles is a mile long. Check out this handful of sports titles on the system you have to play, soon.

Legends of Wrestling: Showdown: With the WWE games and Def Jam titles getting so much attention and the middling reviews of the first two games in the series, this one never had a chance. A rushed development cycle made it a bit glitchy, but it features one of the best rosters in a wrestling game, period. It’s also fun to play and has a ton of great features.

Tony Hawk Downhill Jam: Not your typical Tony Hawk game, this one was better on the Wii with motion controls, but it’s a fun one that is perfect to get younger gamers into the series.

Aggressive Inline: A wonderful game that never got the recognition it deserved. Essentially Tony Hawk on roller blades, it’s a blast.

NHL FaceOff 2003: The last game of the one-time king of hockey games, it features the best visuals of the series to date and was a solid game that was overshadowed by a trio of great games in 2003 in the NHL, NHL Hitz and NHL 2K franchises.

High Heat Baseball 2002:  3DO made its name with simple and accessible adventure titles, but this was a deep and intuitive baseball experience that may have been the best on the console.

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