This is the slogan from the company Uplay Arcade on their website for the iiRestrictor Set. This 3D printed item helps the game on the iiRcade go from the standard 8-way joystick to a simple 4 way with a little help from the iiRestrictor.

I love my iiRcade. I love the idea that you can play anything from old school ColecoVision games to modern-day first-person shooter gamed all on the same arcade machine. One of my favorite ones that iiRcade offers is Burgertime. I play that almost every day.  When I first launched the game and played, I was a little frustrated with the controls as it does not react easily with the arcade style joystick. I get better the more I played, but still it was not how I remember the arcade version.

I asked around and I was told there is a company that makes a 4-way adapter for the iiRcade. This company is Uplay Arcade. I went to the website and saw there was an item on there for sale called the iiRestrictor Set. This 3D printed item would connect to your controller and snap tightly on the control panel to create a natural 4-way adapter joystick. This made playing BurgerTime a lot better and easier to control. I was skeptical at first as I did not want to break the joystick or scratch the iiRcade with the attachment.  After being shown how to install it, it is super easy, and it works.

Gunther Vinson is the creator and founder of Uplay Arcade and has created multiple items for such companies as Arcade 1UP and AtGames. Of course, he has products for the iiRcade as well which is what I am interested in.  Gunther started the company on March 21, 2020, and at first was selling the AtGames Trackball Shim Kits. From there he added new items and the website grew larger each month.

Uplay Arcade has many other iiRcade products that they sell. Items like Power Button covers, iiRcade controller dust covers, special speaker covers and more. Gunther has complete approval from iiRcade CEO Jong Shin to use their images. Shipping on most products is first class with tracking usually 4 to 5 dollars. A little more on the bigger items.

“Uplay Arcade strives to provide our customers the best service possible while giving you the best prices available! With the cheapest shipping possible, tested and pro-rated priced products, and our 100% guarantee.”

Review from iiRcade Gamer

As amazing as the iiRcade is, having an 8 way is a must for arcade machines, however some games just play better the way they were meant to be played and Uplay has it right!!! The iiRestrictor is a must for your 4 way games. I can tell you first hand, I’ve raged and lost my mind playing the awesome games of Congo Bongo and Burger Time, but with this device I’ve been able to land high scores and keep my sanity at the same time. High Quality material, great feel, fits in place with no modification necessary!

Visit the site at for all their products or click here for the iiRestrictor Set.  The iiRestrictor Set is $17.99 plus shipping.

For more information on the iiRcade machine go to



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