Another retro gaming news story to keep you company, as thanks to Tom contacting us early this morning, we’ve been told that a brand new game for the MSX1 called ‘Vampire Slayer’, is available to download and play. This game developed by Seamsoft for the MSXDev 23 competition, is an action arcade game in which playing as Ivan Belmont, you must kill the undead using The Vampire Slayer – a legendary crossbow. To coincide with this news, Saberman will hopefully be doing a video later, and the game can be played online.

Here is what the competition page says about the game in brief : “Hired by a wealthy local merchant, Ivan sets out to search and rescue the merchants daughter. Latest intel tells she’s been abducted by Duke Tanitvany, a sinister caste lord. Enter his domain and make your way through enemy-infested rooms. From the courtyard to the upper floors of the castle you’ll reach the Duke himself. If you eliminate him, quickly escape from the castle since the enemy’s magic is the only thing that keeps such an ancient castle standing”.

Links :1) Source 2) Play Online

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