Following up on their tremendous success with titles the likes of Monster Boy and Blossom Tales, FDG Entertainment’s newest Adventure on the Nintendo Switch, Venture Kid, wastes no time establishing itself as a fun, retro romp worthy of a serious time investment.

The Look

Resembling a combination of the original Wonder Boy and early Mega Man titles, Venture Kid’s aesthetics will quickly appeal to Old School Gamers.

The Challenge

Just like the Blue Bomber, Venture Kid’s hand cannon packs a punch, but with speedy enemies and big jumps to be made, expect to die often.

Early Thoughts

After a few hours of gameplay, it’s obvious that the Mega Man-inspired action, killer soundtrack and old-school difficult is enough to keep you occupied- both on the bus and the train and even better for nights on the couch. While it’s not as beefy an experience as their previous titles, FDG has another winner in Venture Kid.


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