In an effort to highlight our readers, Old School Gaming Magazine has added a new section dedicated to the vintage gaming collectors, whether it be arcade cabinets, game cartridges, consoles, memorabilia, or anything related.

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Ed Hathaway, a vintage gaming collector based out of northeast Ohio near Akron. Ed wears his “The” Ohio State University badge of honor frequently, but if you enter his basement, you’ll find that his passions are diverse, including multiple vintage arcade machines and rooms-full of vintage consoles, game cartridges and assorted collectibles.

OSGM: Ed, thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us. Please, tell us a bit about your background. Where did your love for gaming come from? How old were you when the bug bit?

OSGM: What sparked the gaming collecting bug? What was your first console, and do you still have it?

OSGM: I’ve not personally been in your gaming room, but it looks incredible. It looks like you have the same problem most of us have and are running/have run out of room. What are your current collect- ing passions and how do you keep it all organized?

ED: This is a funny story. One evening, I decided to get on the Let Go app looking for a dresser for my daughter. There in the feed was an Atari 2600 and 3 games. I asked my wife if I could buy it and she said, “sure!“ I bet she regrets that answer to this day! My first console was a Vader edition of the 2600. I no longer have that; I believe my grandma sold it at her garage sale 30 years ago.


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