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This 100+ page full color book covers the entire first year of Walter Day’s Twin Galaxies Superstars trading cards, with stories!

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A collaboration project with Hagen’s Alley Books, Walter Day’s Gaming Superstars Volume One is a 100+ page book that will cover the entire first year of trading cards released in the series. The cards will be accompanied by beautiful imagery and stories told by people within the gaming community who were featured on the cards, as well as stories from Walter Day himself.

  • 100+ Full Color Pages
  • Cover Art by legendary artist Dan Tearle
  • All 200 cards listed, including variants and unprinted cards
  • Historical Stories about Walter Day
  • Beautiful Imagery throughout the Book

This book is all about the first year of trading cards from The Walter Day Collection. Not only will the book focus on all of the cards released, but also has stories about Walter Day from those people involved. This is the ultimate tribute to everything Walter Day has accomplished with this series of cards.

Pre Order Book

We were lucky enough to have the legendary artist Dan Tearle draw a rendition of Walter for the cover of this book. Dan has been involved in lots of projects over the years, including working at Topps with an amazing Star Wars series.

The Goal of this Project

Upon funding of this project, and coverage of all printing/shipping of the books, all proceeds will go directly to Walter Day himself. This is the best thing we can do as a thank Walter for everything he has done for the gaming community.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments and please share with anyone passionate about gaming. Thanks!

~ Jeffrey Wittenhagen and Todd Friedman

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Todd Friedman (271 Posts)

Todd Friedman is heavily involved in the video game community. He is currently writing for Old School Gamer Magazine, Retro Gaming Times and The Walter Day Collection. He has Co-Promoted the Video Game Summit in Illinois for the past 13 Years. Todd's first book, Walter Day's Superstars of Gaming, Volume 1, was released in February of 2020. Volume 2 of the Superstars of Gaming will be published later this fall. Todd is also on the Board of Directors and Chairman of the Nomination Committee for the International Video Game Hall of Fame.