When I go to Las Vegas, which is 3-4 times a year I have two places I have to go, A Gamers Paradise and the Pinball Hall of Fame, both of them are out on Tropicana Avenue about a mile or two from the Strip. A Gamers Paradise is a retro video game store owned by Sean Lebrecque that has been located next to the Pinball HOF for the last 10 years or so.

Sean is a gamer from the Atari 2600 era and that’s when the passion for video games began. And then around 2000 he heard of a video game store that was for sale and he went after it.

SEAN: That’s what really you have to do is you have to buy just whatever you can get your hands on and that’s what I did. I just kept on buying just about everything and trading. It was more trading than buying than anything else, because people were just looking. Aall this stuff you see on the shelves up here, this is all stuff that was thrown at me back in the day. Like that Intellivision 2 computer that I have in the box up there, classic story right there, I gave somebody $10 store credit for that thing so that they go get a PlayStation or PlayStation 2 game.

Also when I first got here, it was so much fun, because we had the Broadacres Swap Meet in Las Vegas If you would’ve been here in 1990/’91 when I was here, it was like a huge garage sale, that’s all it was. It was just people with their cars and so much just crap all around.

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