Growing up I was team Sega and was in love with the Sega Genesis. I still play the classics like Altered Beast and Golden Axe. Coming soon there will be a new Sega Genesis game on the market for 2024. It is called ZPF. I was fortunate enough to get a Prototype copy of the game to review.

The moment I turned on the Genesis console, the main screen shined bright with colors and the music was astounding. Gameplay was just as fun as the old days with games like Thunderblade and R*Type. It is still in development, so some of the characters and bosses will be different. I played the game a few different times and eventually got better each time I played it. It is fun and addicting to play. I highly recommend purchasing this game if you are fan of the 16-bit genre.

The final version of the game will include three playable characters and 6+ stages for some awesome shooter game fun.  When writing this article in the first part of July, the Kickstarter for this game was 878% funded, which means this game will be created. The Kickstarter ends July 31, 2024. There are some great tiers with fun bundles and limited editions.


ZPF is a new game being developed for the good old SEGA Mega Drive and Genesis game consoles, made by the designer and developer of Tänzer.

The game can be best described as being a good old fashioned horizontal shooter. Known in the community as a horizontal shmup (or STG).

The intent is to release the game as a physical release with Box, multi region Cartridge and a Manual.




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