There have been many Pac-Man games mentioned on Indie Retro News, from the Pac-Man Xtreme romhack, to Jr. Pac-Man on the Intellivision, which all vary in style to the 1980’s hit classic that can still be found today sitting as a port beside an Atari 2600 ( or if you’re lucky an original Arcade machine ). Well ZX owners are about to get in on the Arcade fun as thanks to a heads up by a good friend, we’ve been told that marco-leal-zx has released ZX Pac-Man Arcade : A ZX Spectrum version of Pac Man that is faithful to the Arcade!

Here’s the indepth write up about the game from the creator  “This is a faithful conversion of the original Pac-Man arcade for the ZX Spectrum 48K. Everything was recreated with as much detail as possible through hours of reading of multiple Pac-Man guides and playing the original game. Being a conversion, some concessions were made to work around the limitations of the 48K but the overall result is still pretty close. The game runs at a silky smooth 50fps with game sound and no tearing or flickering. All the level progression, logic, rules and timings are implemented exactly like the arcade. All the intermissions are included at the end of the right levels and all the ghost logic was replicated exactly as the original”.

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