Buck Stine, of Retro Game Treasure, grew up as a Nintendo kid in the 1980s and got his NES for his fifth birthday. If you were to assess his NES inventory at Retro Game Treasure at any given time, he may have the largest collection of Nintendo games around. But his inventory rotates out every month as he ships out boxes of games to his subscribers.

BUCK: I went through Nintendo and straight to Super Nintendo, even though the Genesis came out. I mean, the Genesis was originally made to compete with the Nintendo, not the Super Nintendo. But I eventually got a Genesis. I loved my Sega CD, even though the games were always kind of poorly executed.

I went all the way up the gamut, right around, like PS1, PS2 and Gameboy Advance would have been playing when I was in college. And so, I played a lot of those, during my college years. I mean, I still play a lot of games now, too. I didn’t always get every console, but I… eventually picked up all the ones that I was missing.

OSG: Tell us about the inception of Retro Game Treasure…

BUCK: Going back probably four and a half years ago, I was a subscriber of Blue Crate and the now-dead Third Block. Some of those were for me and and some for the kids and stuff. And it all of a sudden hit me one day, like, oh man, I bet you there’s a box out there that does, like — there’s a box that does everything. I bet there’s a box that does retro video games and stuff. I would love to expand my own collection. I had about 200-plus NES games at the time and a bunch of others for other consoles. And I dug, and I dug, and I dug, and I couldn’t find anything. Could I do this? Could I build this? And so after six months of research and making friends with wholesalers and understanding how the business works, I created it!

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