Thanks to an early morning heads up, we’ve been told that Shanti77 has announced that the previously released 8 level C64 to Atari XL/XE VBXE conversion of Commando, has received a small fix update. Not to be confused with the awesome Arnie flick of the same name (though equally as awesome), Commando is a ‘one man takes on all’ shooter (also like the awesome film) whereby it is your mission to kill anything that moves to progress to the next level.

As we said many times before in our previous articles dating back to 2022, while I prefer the Arcade conversion of the C64 release by Nostalgia, this development which is for the Atari XL/XE VBXE doesn’t just allow the opportunity to extend the number of colours on the screen which is shown in the video above, but it also provides extra sprites, and comes with very smooth scrolling and new level changes. Although music still needs some work! So yes certainly worth playing if you have an Atari XL/XE with VBXE.

Changes :

  • – after completing a level, the player does not fall into the swamp/trench
  • – at the start of the level, the player does not throw a grenade

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