Over the recent years, there have been many radical changes in electronic technology. 25 years ago, hooking up and playing video game consoles was pretty straightforward. In general, you would plug in a wall ac adaptor, screw in the RF modulator, turn your TV set to channel 3, and poof! There would be your video game setup. Things were easy. Hooking up video game consoles was easy. For the most part, it did not matter what console you had (Atari, Intellivision, or Colecovision), they all hooked up the same.

Let’s fast forward to the current times. The very device that we have hooked up to play countless video games is going through a revolution. No longer are we restricted to low resolution TV sets. High Definition TV sets (HDTVs) are quickly becoming the current standard model being sold. Current video game consoles now support this new “super television”. With graphics being more intense, TV resolution is ever so much more important.

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