For many years now, ever since it was first announced, we’ve been keeping you up to date in regards to Andreas Larsson‎ and team’s work in progress Eye of the Beholder port that was coming to the C64/C128, which looks as if it was released all those years ago along side the Amiga or PC. Well we’ve got some incredible news for you all today, as if you’ve been waiting to play this port on your C64 or C128, then as of today now’s your chance….Eye of the Beholder has finally been released! To coincide with this news, you can view some in game footage from Saberman, or download the game below.

If you are undecided if Eye of the Beholder is worth your time, here’s what HayesMaker64 said in brief about it in his preview linked here. “When you first load Eye of the Beholder on the C64, you won’t believe how incredible this port has turned out. After the initial title screen and credit roll you’re taken to the infamous introduction animation, faithfully recreated by Oliver (V3to) Lindau (known for some of the best looking C64 graphics on Rolling Ronny, Caren and the Tangled Tentacles, and the recent Sonic the Hedgehog port). Accompanied by an awesome SID interpretation of the title music, translated to C64 by Linus. ”

“The in-game graphics (From llesj, Mirage and Twofolower) are simply stunning. The colours are used to such great effect, that I think overall it looks even better than the higher resolution 16-bit graphics. Monsters, portraits, walls, that giant glass compass and HUD have all been lovingly pixelled on the C64. The combat animations and damage indicators are also included, and implemented perfectly.

“While screen rendering is fluid and does contain automapping, it doesn’t quite match the speed of the 16-bit originals. Not surprisingly since the C64’s processor runs at a fraction of the speed that the processors the game was designed to run at. However, the C64 version is more than playable as it stands, and the developers even added dedicated C128 support, so if you are lucky enough to have a C128, or just load the .crt file in the C128 version of VICE, the 2Mhz mode is supported for blazing fast screen updates

Dual Monitor Support!

“The game is just as brutal, but rewardingly satisfying to progress as it always has been. Whether you’re a hardcore fan who can walk through the whole game blindfolded, or a dungeon crawler newbie, curious as to why this game is considered one of the best ever dungeon crawlers, I think you will not be disappointed. All the levels, traps, monsters, puzzles, spells and weapons are included”.

“Andreas (JackAsser) Larsson, and team have created a no-compromise port of Eye of the Beholder for the C64/C128 and it is absolutely stunning”.


  • – Mirage did all the panel artwork, character faces and panel items.
  • – Ilesj did the whole groundwork of the in game graphics and after that it was a cooperation between Ilesj and Oliver Lindau(repixelled all dungeon gfx and about half of the monsters)
  • – Twoflower initially did the graphics, helped in places.

Links :1) Website 2) Review 4) CSdb 5) Download 6) Source Code

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