Bitmap Soft have published some incredible games over the years, from Smarty and the Nasty Gluttons, to Black Dawn Rebirth and even our personal favourite addiction of Turbo Tomato for the Commodore Amiga. Well it’s the Gameboy Colour that’s going to get a much needed mention for this news article, as Bitmap Soft has told us that Far After – Limited Collector’s Edition by Brent Lattery (SuitNtie), is now available to order via the website below. Although do be aware that this amazing looking game which will have you hooked, is LIMITED and will never be created or sold in this way ever again!

Here is what the website says about the game in brief “Bitmap Soft in conjunction with Brent Lattery (SuitNtie) proudly presents Far After Limited Collectors Edition for the Gameboy Colour. Grab yourself this magnificent example of Collector Editions from Bitmap Soft. Far After is a hybrid platformer ARPG that allows for a unique handheld adventure! Level up, upgrade gear and find secrets as you travel back to your childhood in a bite sized adventure game that is filled with magic, monsters and so much more”.

Game Features

  • Experience a character driven ARPG
  • Explore large magical forests environments
  • Fight your way through variety of Unique monsters
  • Master a selection combat spells to eradicate your foes
  • Combine platforming and combative ARPG mechanics to excel through the game
  • Witness a story of two best friends at the beginning of their journey
  • Animated cutscenes to enhance storytelling.
  • 3.5 hours of gameplay to experience both story and side content.
Link :1) Website/Video (This is a STRICTLY Limited release so reserve your copy now to avoid disappointment)
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