If you know anything about the retro game community, you know that there are still plenty of new games being produced for your favorite old consoles. On the Game Boy, Space Bot Interactive’s Dragonborne is an awesome new project led by Chris Beach that is absolutely getting a ton of attention on social media. A deep and intuitive RPG, it begs to be played.

In this exclusive Old School gamer piece, we count down five reasons why you got to give it play through.

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Killer Score: From the second you fire the game up, you’ll want to keep the sound on.

Excellent Pixel Art: With odes to Pokemon, Dragon Warrior and Link’s Awakening, Dragonborne is beautiful.

Fun Story: Without giving anything away, there’s a main character here that you’ll latch on to pretty quickly.

D & D Meets Pokemon: The fantasy storyline with Pokemon-inspired battling creates a wonderful combination of gameplay.

A New Game Boy Adventure: This is not a homebrew. This is not a rom-hack. Dragonborne is a full game that can stand tall with any game on the console.

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