The COVID-19 epidemic has made us game more than ever before, but many gamers may be running out of “retro” games to play. With that being said, there’s never been a better reason to play indie games, inspired by the retro formula than ever before.

Developed by independent game studio Experimental Gamer, Boot Hill Bounties is one of those games that comes along at a perfect time.  A sweet combination of Secret of Evermore/Earthbound with a Western flare- its retro visuals and turn-based battling can eat up hours of time.

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Endearing Story: Taking odes from some of the greatest Western-films and books, this game will instantly connect you to the characters and plot.

Old-School Battle System: The turn-based battle system makes it great for those who remember the RPGs of the SNES era.

Great Music: From the get-go, Boot Hill Bounties separates itself from the pack with a great assortment of tunes.

Good in Small Bursts: The auto-save system makes it perfect for 15-20 minute gameplay sessions.

Better in Long Playthroughs: With a wide-arching story, upgradable characters, abilities and plenty to see and do, the best way to enjoy the game is on the couch and a comfy pillow.

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