Piepacker, a brand-new multiplayer social gaming platform that allows users to play fully-licensed retro games online and with friends, for free, is now available in open beta, following a $3 million seed funding round and $220,000 Kickstarter campaign.

With partnerships including Team 17 and Codemasters, Piepacker’s burgeoning library currently has over 60 retro games originally launched on the original PlayStation, Super Nintendo, GBA, SEGA Mega Drive and many other iconic consoles. Not only does this include Sensible Soccer, Worms World Party, Glover, and Earthworm Jim, but also new, retro-style indie games including Piepacker exclusives like Xeno Crisis by Bitmap Bureau and Spacegulls by Morphcat Games.

Every title supports cloud saves and the revolutionary service works directly from a Google Chrome browser and comes with built-in video chat including augmented reality 3D masks. The open beta is available in Europe, North America, Australia first and will be optimized later this summer for new territories such as Latin America, Japan, Singapore and the Middle East.

“Our goal with Piepacker has always been to build the platform fans of retro gaming have been dreaming of,” said Benjamin Devienne, co-founder and CEO of Piepacker. “This is a service like no other, which has been reflected in how significantly we’ve been backed during our latest funding round and by our fans on Kickstarter.”

The Kickstarter campaign for Piepacker met its $75,000 goal in just 20 hours, going on to secure $220,656 pledged by 1190 backers, including one backer who pledged $10,000. It is currently part of the top 1% most successful Kickstarter campaigns of all time.

Beyond the 60+ games included as part of the service at launch, additional upcoming features will include competitions and leaderboards, Twitch integration, as well as support for legally acquired ROMs, which are playable with friends in private rooms. Physical retro gaming cartridges also work through the PieReader – an official, one-time accessory that will be sent to Kickstarter backers in October.

Piepacker Studios will also be developing its own games exclusively for the service. The first of these titles, Arsène Lupin: Gentleman Bomber, was released on May 22nd, day when Kickstarter backers could redeem their early access to the platform. Watch the announcement trailer here.

Piepacker’s board of advisors includes former SEGA CEO Kenji Matsubara, Zynga co-founders Justin Waldron and Tom Bollich, Crunchyroll’s Kun Gao, and Humble Bundle’s Jeffrey Rosen.

The full list of 61 games available on Piepacker at launch is below:


  1. 40 Winks

  2. Addiction Pinball

  3. Alligator Hunt

  4. Alter Ego

  5. Barkley Shut up and Jam 2

  6. Blender Bros

  7. Böbl

  8. Brave Battle Saga

  9. Brutal Sports Football (Beastball)

  10. Descent Maximum

  11. Dragon View

  12. Earthworm Jim

  13. Earthworm Jim 2

  14. Evolution Soccer

  15. Football Madness

  16. FoxKids.com Micro Maniacs Racing

  17. Gekido

  18. Glover

  19. Gluf

  20. Haunted Halloween 86

  21. Invasion from Beyond

  22. Iron Commando

  23. Legend

  24. Legend (Reboot)

  25. Loaded

  26. Maniac Square

  27. Micro Mages

  28. Misplaced

  29. Motor Mash

  30. Nebs n Debs

  31. Old Tower

  32. Power Football,

  33. O.D.T. – Escape or Die Trying.

  34. Psycho Pinball

  35. Radical Rex

  36. Rage of the Dragons

  37. Rageball

  38. Sensible Soccer ’98: European Club Edition

  39. Sensible Soccer: European Champions – 92/93 Edition

  40. Soccer Kid

  41. Spacegulls

  42. Star Versus

  43. Steel Force

  44. Street Racer

  45. Summer Challenge

  46. Super Bat Puncher

  47. Super Paw-N

  48. The Gadget Twins

  49. The Humans

  50. Thunder Hoop 2

  51. Top Racer

  52. Twin Dragons

  53. Ultimate Tennis

  54. Water Margin

  55. Winter Challenge

  56. Worms Blast

  57. Worms: World Party

  58. X2: No Relief

  59. Xeno Crisis

  60. Yazzie

  61. Zero Tolerance


About Piepacker:
Piepacker is a new free social gaming platform that allows users to play officially licensed retro games with friends online,  from a web browser, without any download. Under development since March 2020, Piepacker opened a first private beta version in late December. Before the beta closed, 100,000 people had taken the opportunity to try out the platform and contribute to its development. After a Kickstarter campaign raising $220k, Piepacker’s beta is now available to the public.

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