While the choice is there to still play the awesome remade version of Frogger for the C64 called ‘ Frogger Arcade ‘ by Hokuto Force (Digital Monastery). There’s another version come to light which you may be interested in playing when it’s finished, and that’s JoeJoe’s latest project of Frogger for the Commodore Amiga. A new version of the game which the creator says “is a 1:1 arcade port using of course the original Z80 code that he reverse-engineered & transcoded to 68000”. To coincide with this news, we have some early project footage that can be viewed below.

No Sound Yet!
Here is what the creator says via the EAB posted located (here). “After a visit to the computer games museum in Berlin, I decided to convert an arcade game as well. I chose the game ‘KONAMI 1981 Frogger’. My wife had played this game very intensively. At that time, she had also played the whole thing on the PC. My thanks go to jotd for the very nice and helpful conversation. What is currently missing is the complete sound. The animation and the additional enemies are also missing. Personally, I learned a lot from this work. First of all, assembler for Z80. Then how the hardware of the machine works. Also interesting is how the code from 1981 works. I also found a few bugs”
And that’s all we know about the game, but as ever thanks to Saberman for the heads up!
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