Now another homebrew has appeared which will appeal to gamers who like adventure puzzlers , as we’ve been told by Tom in our email, that GWI has made available through Itch-io, the adventure game of Geo’s Quest Gateway to Nowhere for the Commodore Amiga. A game in which you play as George Angus, as he attempts to traverse the whirlwind era of 90’s computing. To coincide with this news, we’ve got some footage of this new chapter when it was teased many months ago.

This is what the developer says about the game. “As with GQ2 “In Search of Queen Lorraine” these next two chapters where started in 2000 only to be shelved shortly thereafter as life intervened, to be returned to upon my retirement in 2021. So there are literally years and thousands of hours invested in the story, coding, graphics and music. The unfinished buggy version of GQ3 (chapter 4 only) was uploaded to Aminet way back in 2002 and had floated around since”.

“Now it is reworked, repaired and completed offering over 100 hand drawn rooms and closeups, dozens of puzzles and tasks to complete, and dozens of samples and mods to enhance the game play. It was developed using Edmond Clay’s great GRAC2 adventure game engine. Some of the graphics, mods & samples are from the AMOS PD Library, but had to be reworked, redrawn, rerecorded to work/fit in the GRAC2 environment and game genre. Original authors unknown”.

  • Requirements: Any Amiga/Emulated Amiga with 2mb chip ram and 2.04> Rom(s) with 18mb free hard drive space.
  • ****Have at least 1.5mb Chip Ram Free to play the game*****
  • Recommended: Any Amiga with 2mb chip ram 2.04>Rom(s) ‘020/greater CPU with 18mb free hard drive space.

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