Glen Planamento is the chief cook and bottle washer at Glen’s Retro Show, which really means he is the Concept Designer, Product Test Engineer and the Retail Guru at GRS, where he believes that every game, no matter if it’s an original arcade machine, an Arcade1Up, a Raspberry PI, a Windows, Mac or Linux machine deserves the best controllers on the planet. And Glen is the guy who knows a thing or two about creating just that. In fact, his GRS USB Spinner has been declared the Number One Gaming Accessory on… twice!

“Like the man said, no problems, only solutions.” This quote from the 80’s movie, Tron, would also pertain to Glen, who has created some ultimate solutions to the problem of controls.

The first controller that he created is an updated version of the spinner. The spinner, which is a lot smoother in movement than what you would use for the 1Ups, gives you the choice of using the traditional silver look or the classic Tron appearance. Setting the spinner up was a little tricky at first but once you got a feel for where it physically was on the knob, it was very easy to place.

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