A lot of times when you go into an arcade, there would be a game or two that you put a quarter in a game, play it once and then realize you really aren’t too crazy about it. This would have been one of those games if I didn’t have a Nintendo Switch. Let me explain.

Toki is one of those games that just has that weird look and feel that just didn’t want to make me play any more. He’s a monkey character with Donkey Kong like characteristics that jumped on. and over enemies, spikes and spit fireballs and also gets a football helmet for temporary invincibility. But he originally wasn’t a monkey.

The hero of this game is Toki. He used to be a man, but was turned into a monkey by the sorcerer, Vookimedlo, who kidnapped his girlfriend, Miho. Toki can spit to kill enemies or he can jump on their heads. There are also the usual end-of-level baddies. If the hero is hit, a life will be lost.

Unlimited continues are available on all levels except for the last where only 10 are allowed. If Toki fails to defeat Vookimedlo and save Miho, Miho will remain a prisoner of Vookimedlo forever and the game will end. However, if Vookimedlo is defeated and Miho is saved, Toki will become a man again and he and his girlfriend will be reunited. Afterwards, the game ends.

The game was incredibly frustrating when it was in the arcade. But when it finally came home, I developed a new love for the game. I think it was because I didn’t have to worry about adding any more quarters. I have played this game several times and have finished it several times for one reason only, IT IS FUN! It gives me a new challenge to try to finish or go as far as I can on one credit. After learning some of the patterns of the enemies, it can be done.

But now, it is is available for the iiRcade, and once again, Jong and his team have done an incredible job with the arcade conversion of a classic. So much that it starts to conflict me. It makes me wonder if I should stop using my switch to play games that are available for both that and the iiRcade. There is just something more satisfying about playing on the arcade machine version with the Sanwa joystick setup than on the little handheld setup. Because it gives you the fullest arcade experience you could possibly ask for. With the sound coming through that matches every blip and beep from the 80s. era, and also being able to change the scan lines of the game, similar to being able to change with any other game, the experience is unforgettable and makes you want too go back for more! It’s not a very long game to play. But it is still a fun game to play, an to me withe this title, THAT is what matters!



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