A long time ago, in a…. wait, wrong movie…Another video game documentary has surfaced, but what is nice is that it’s not about competition or egos. And I do want to point out that egos are NOT a bad thing during competition. All the people that I have been exposed to within the documentaries are really great people. But this one is just about life.

The King of Arcades tells the story of Richard Knuckelz and how his love for video games started with “Space Invaders” and “Super Monaco” at a local bowling alley and has never stopped. Now, the movie is NOT about his world record for Space Invaders which is extremely impressive, but how he got through the rise and fall of the arcade industry. This was his story.

After a brief history of video games with Ralph Baer, the father of video games and Nolan Bushnell, the co-founder of Atari, and even a little history of Buckner and Garcia, who recorded an album that was only about video games called “Pac-Man Fever”, we follow the story of Knuckelz and how he started his arcade in the corner of a strip mall. We then learn about how he started the Kong Off tournaments he created and when the nation found out about it with  television and magazine exposure. This brought people from all over to see the great arcade. He was taking his time to setup 20 Donkey Kong machines for the Kong Off 1 in New Jersey. And all of the machines were flawless. Read the rest of the article here from Old School Gamer

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Brad Feingold Brad Feingold (118 Posts)

Brad has been a die hard arcade fan ever since he can remember. From the first time he played Space Invaders, to the first time he played Pacman, Brad has always had a love for video games. Hanging out at either the Great American Fun Factory in the mall, or spending the night in front of the glowing games at the local roller rink, he was always thinking about when he can spend the next quarter. He also worked at Babbages, which is now GameStop, for over six years. Mostly because they had a really sweet checkout policy on new products and great discounts. But since he had the Atari 2600, he has never looked back and owned some of the greatest home machines, NES, SNES, GENESIS, Turbo Graphix 16, GameBoy, Game Gear, Lynx, Playsation 1,2,3,4 and Vita, XBOX, Gamecube, and N64...just to name a few. Brad is also a reviewer for Mobile Beat Magazine as well as a freelance videographer, part time disc jockey, performing artist and photographer. But has a true love is for video games and Star Wars, as he is a member of the 501st Central Garrison. His ultimate dream is to own a fully working pinball machine and arcade machine. Difficult to say which one, but a Star Wars one would be nice start.