Hungry to get the retro game fanatic a gift this holiday season they won’t soon forget? Check out this handful of goodies hand-crafted just for them.

Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut (Switch Edition): 
Although there are some hiccups visually while playing on the go, Wasteland II: Director’s Cut is up there with Skyrim as one of the top third-party open-world experiences on the Nintendo Switch. Thanks to an amazing story, fun combat, deep exploration and customization and the type of tone that is akin to a novel and you have a wonderful 60-plus hour experience that grabs hold of you almost immediately. While many partook in this experience a few years ago on PlayStation 4 (in its original form and last year in its current Director’s Cut edition) and even before that on Steam, this version, just for the ability to take it on the bus and train, is a worthy adventure to go on again.

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If you’re a retro game enthusiast, what better way to show it than putting your own retro game console together and learning how to code? Fun and fully customizable, MakerBuino is a great way to reconnect with retro gaming in a way never before possible.

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom: If you’re hungry for an Old School Action/RPG, Monster Boy’s take on the Wonder Boy World is dead on. Beautifully scored, expertly crafted combat and difficulty, it’s one of the best games on the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 this year.

West of Loathing: 
If you’re an indie gamer, West of Loathing was the game that stole your Fall last year. If you’re more retro and mainstream; your first encounter with it is the Switch version. While not much has changed in the port, it’s a wonderful experience on the go and ultimately one of the best RPG experiences on the console. Away from the remastered Skyrim, West of Loathing is the most enjoyable RPG on the Nintendo Switch. Void of bells and whistles, it’s powered by wonderful writing and solid gameplay, creating an experience that’s all killer and no filler.

Mutant Football League: Dynasty Edition:
If you’re under 20, you’ve most likely never played a game of football like Mutant Football League unless you had a really cool Dad, friend or sibling. Hilarious, insane and fun, Mutant League Football on the Sega Genesis was and still is a cult classic game that holds up today thanks to solid gameplay and pure fun. It’s successor, Mutant Football League, available both on the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, takes the gameplay formula and adds current generation visuals, voice-acting and even more politically-incorrectedness, making it the most fun you’ll have on the gridiron in a long time.

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