In the early 80s, when video games were just starting their migration from the arcades to the living room, it was common for games programmers to take their inspiration from the more popular arcade games, and so we ended up with a million and one variations on Pac-Man. And it’s Pac-Man which is getting a mention today, as if you loved playing that classic game from 1981, then it might be worth checking out the latest game preview of ‘Pak-Men’; a new Pac-Man clone by Lucas SDM Siudym that’s available to try below.

This looks to be a rather unique Arcade homage for those of you who remember the classic from 1982. As not only does it have all the chomping goodness you could want in a Pac-Man Arcade game, but it features dots replaced with Rings ( Sonic? ), sound effects, and different mazes to play through as a nod to the classic. And that’s all there is to say about the game, but if it interests you head on over to the link below and check out it on your C64!

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