Hear ye, hear ye. Thou has been bestowed with a quest. To go through the dungeons and collect gold coins and treasure and defeat the oversized dungeon monsters with your pong paddle. And you are to….wait, what? Yes your pong paddle. Pong quest is one of those games that you start to play asking yourself, “what am I playing?” Atari has taken their original concept and put a new adventure twist into it and launched it on the Nintendo Switch.

As you are navigating though the dungeons, you encounter monsters/characters, which are all in the shape of pong paddles,  that you have to defeat by, you guessed it, playing pong. But there is a lot more than just going up and down to block the ball. As you are playing, you collect power-ups that will help you through the match by giving you the edge. Some of the power-ups include a wall, curveball, leech, which will take ay the opponents powers, and also health increase just to name a few.


Another element of the game allows you to go through a spinning vortex and solve puzzles for additional power-ups which can be very challenging. And what RPG game would not be complete without the shop in the dungeon for the power-ups. But keep in mind that you have limited space in your inventory, which as the game goes on, you are able to increase the size to add more.

These power-ups are a great addition to the game, however, when you are concentrating on the actual pong concept itself, sometimes it is a little challenging to switch to the correct power-up. This is something that adds the nice element of RPG to a very basic game.

Do not expect huge resolution graphics. Pong was basically the first game that ever came out and it didn’t have anything special then and the graphics aren’t special now. But that is ok. That is what adds to the element of nostalgia to the game. It is as if they took the game Adventure and put Pong in it. It is cute, fun and for the price, it is entertaining.




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