Project Blue, the retro cyberpunk adventure from 8-BIT LEGIT, ToggleSwitch and FrankenGraphics on October 6.

Featuring 256 screens, a 22-track musical score, three modes of play and “plenty of secrets” and it looks like a retro experience perfect for Fall.

“For originally being for the NES, with all its humble graphics capabilities, I set my mark on chiseling out an unusual amount of detail to the sprawling levels.” said FrankenGraphics. “One thing I think I can be proud of is that despite its simple to pick up controls, the skill roof of this game goes way beyond. At the start it’s good enough to find health containers to help push through an unlucky streak, but after a while you start to figure out how to navigate the map more safely, efficiently… then elegantly… and it feels quite rewarding.”

About Project Blue:

Hidden in the outskirts of the Dezone, a secret bio-weapons lab is conducting unspeakable experiments on the homeless youth of that concrete wasteland. The most promising test subject, codenamed PROJECT BLUE, manages to break free following an overly successful bio-energy augmentation. Now it’s up to YOU to help Blue escape from Theta Lab and bring down the shadowy multinational conglomerate running Neo Hong Kong!

Put your skill, wits and reflexes to the test as you jump, swim, and blast your way through four massive areas in this exciting new action platformer.


8-Bit Legit is a pixel partnership between Mega Cat Studios & Retrotainment Games, who share a passion for quality retro games.

We are committed to keeping cartridge gaming alive both in physical form and through modern digital publishing. 8-Bit Legit curates and publishes the best new retro experiences. We wish to satisfy your appetite for pixels on classic cartridges and modern platforms. 8-Bit Legit is headquartered out of the Steel City, Pittsburgh, PA.

ABOUT ToggleSwitch & FrankenGraphics:

ToggleSwitch and FrankeGraphics are veterans of the #indieNES development community, teaming up to create Project Blue.

Stemming from a shared passion for the NES, the duo set out to create something special for the console, mixing shared inspirations and tones to deliver a licensed-quality #indieNES game for people to enjoy in the modern era.

For more on Switch release, Click Here.

For more on the Xbox release, Click Here.

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