We’ve seen lots of Space Invader variants over the years, from Havie’s Blitz Basic version of the game on the Amiga, to our personal favourite from Pink/Abyss called ‘Tiny Invaders’. Well yet again we’ve been sent another version of Space Invaders for you to download and try out, and it’s Electric Black Sheep’s latest update of Skinvaders’; A game in which the creator says is a simple game as a small size simple code developed prototype. To coincide with this news, Saberman has done a short gameplay video of the game in action.

In this classic game of Skinvaders for the Commodore Amiga, the gameplay is identical to the original Arcade hit, in that you need to not only survive by using the buildings(?) as a defence, but you must also destroy the enemy waves as they move from side to side and slowly drop towards you. And that’s all there is to say, as if you’ve heard and or played Space Invaders before, you know what to expect with this latest prototype by Electric Black Sheep.

Dev Notes : 

  • -doesn’t use 55+ bobs so it’s fast.
  • -free AMOS source code
  • -by default, 1-5 SKINs are uploaded, but the graphics can be replaced regardless of the program code, and thus the game can have a completely different appearance. It is recommended that these can be inserted in positions 6-9.
  • -Background can be a maximum of 8 colors in a 240×240 image size.
  • -Opponents’ images can be up to 8 colors in 624×800 image size
  • -The condition is that the background and foreground (opponents) have the same color depth
  • -The two animation phases of opponents must be located in the areas (224,224 to 400,304) and (224,624 to 400,704).
  • -will play “NMusic.mod” file if available (N is the number of skin)
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