Ever since the first Playstation system came out, I have always been a loyal player. In fact, I remember when the Playstation 2 came out, I was camping out in the Wal-Mart layaway area waiting to be the first person to get one at midnight. The first three games I bought were Madden, SSX and Ready to Rumble 2. My boss wasn’t too happy when I called in sick the next day.

When the Playstation 3 and 4 were released, I waited, because I wanted to see which games were going to be released. Eventually, I did purchase both systems, but the PS4 was by far the best purchase I had made in a long time. I never took the money and invested in any of the other systems. I wanted to stay true to one brand and thought nothing could be better.

After the launch of the Nintendo Wii U, there was a lot of talk of people saying that they almost got the system right. But for some reason, the Wii U did not last long at all. It seemed more of a fad than anything else. And with several releases of the DS in different forms, there was time for a change. Enter the Switch.

I’m going to be perfectly honest, when I first saw this thing, I laughed. In fact, I laughed just like I laughed when the Wii was released, thinking it was just another gimmick. When I actually got to hold a system in my hands, I was thinking that the buttons were incredibly too small and there is no way that I would enjoy the controls.

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