So I installed a fighting game into my Switch and a hockey game broke out.  This is the full on straight forward first impression of Super Blood Hockey from Premium Edition Games.  At this moment, there is really nothing to represent the hockey world on the Switch except for the NES classic lineup of Ice Hockey. There are rumors of other new games coming out, but there is nothing that we get to rely on, not even Blades of Steel, which was on of my all time favorites. So what do you play to cure the hockey blues? Super Blood Hockey.

Let’s start with a complete comparison of violent factor before some start to get squeamish.  This is a (sort of……well it really is a) violent game. There is lots of blood in this game. There is lots of fighting in this game. But the level of these elements are enough that you can laugh at them. If you compare it to say, Mortal Kombat or even Street Fighter violence, you are still going to laugh. You can adjust the “blood” level in the menu screen if you want to. However, the violence in this game is of just a pixelated dot, and that’s what makes it fun. Again, it is to the level of comedy. Even when they take your kidney so you can find the team. More on that in a minute.





SBH offers a few different modes to play as you start up the game. There is the exhibition, tournament and of course the Franchise mode. In the Franchise mode, you are the owner, manager and player of the game. But the main problem is, you have no money. So to resolve that, they take your kidney right in front of you. No really, they do. It was like a scene from the movie SAW.  As you recover, you get a tour of how you are able to increase the strength and stamina of your teammates, how to heal them and to get them on the ice to play to victory.



Being on the ice will remind you a lot of the NES Ice Hockey but on a horizontal level. Every hit and bump however will generate little spots of blood onto the ice. If an opponent is hit too much, a fight will break out and it is an all out melee and red spots fly everywhere. It is just down right crazy and fun. But looking past the violence factor of the game and its title, it is a very decent hockey game to play. There is not much to the controlling of the players. From passing to adjusting the power of the shot to switching the player icon so you can switch control, it has a control that after a couple of games, I was able to get use to very quick.  Compared to the old style NES and SNES controllers, it was a comfort to play with the Switch controls and not be so cramped with the hands.



The shooting mechanics of the game are probably the hardest learning curve to adapt to. Because the players are quick and established well in regard to defense, even on easy mode, you really need to develop a strategy to score the points. More often than not, I noticed that the puck would hit the side of the goal and then bounce back to you and then you hit it again and score. This is how I lost a lot of games.



Super Blood Hockey is a breath of fresh air, so to speak from the other games that I have been playing.  Most of the time I am guilty of playing Fortnite, Animal Crossings and Mario Kart just to name a few. But this is yet another perfect take on the 8-bit classic style in a next-gen world.

One last word about Super Blood Hockey. I know that the way I have been describing it may make it sound like it is a kids game. It is in fact NOT. This game is rated “M” for Mature due to the content that is involved in the game. I DO NOT recommend getting this for kids just because of what it is and how detailed the franchise mode can be.  Now hit the showers!



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