Aqua Lungers is one of those types of games that you really didn’t know about until you saw a video, review or come across it in the Nintendo Switch Store. Even though it was released for the PC, I’m Switching it Up for Old School Gamer Magazine.

WarpedCore Studio has created a game that is not only simplistic but fun at the same time. Your mission is to jump around on certain platform areas, swim into deep waters and avoid dangerous monsters while collecting as much treasure as you can. Sure, it sounds easy, but wait until you encounter the fire breathing turtle.




Like any game with platforms, there is always a boss mode that you will need to complete before going on to the next level. But the majority of the time, your goal is to collect 3000 points of treasure. But beware, the more treasure you have, the more difficult it becomes to jump and move. I mean come on, treasure is heavy. But in the end, when I say platform, there aren’t mazes and tunnels to navigate. You are just jumping from level to level to get some of the treasure, grab power-ups and defeat some of the monsters.

The battle mechanics really aren’t there though since that isn’t the purpose of the game. Yes you are supposed to avoid the creatures or disable them for a short time. But the focus on the game IS getting the treasure and not losing a life. When that does happen, the treasure is dropped where you died.

The main unfortunate issue about the game at this time is the multi-player feature. When on the PC and Steam, you are able to play online. But the Switch version is played locally. Due to the recent pandemic, I was only able to get three players playing, but there was no confusion about who was who. It was still a lot of fun stealing someone else treasure.

The graphics are crisp and very easy to look at. And the Lunger character itself has the look of a 16 Bit character. Adding a great soundtrack to the game makes it even more enjoyable to play. A game like this is a refreshing change from something like Fortnite and Animal Crossings, which I play daily. But there is no reason I can’t add another fun title to my gaming rotation.




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