It has been 40 years since the release of one of the most iconic arcade games ever. Protecting your cities with one oversized trackball and three buttons and firing a limited amount of missiles at everything that is coming at you. It’s all about pressure, adrenaline and strategy. It is Missile Command. Before Tempest, MC was taking the arcade by storm, and also pinching my hand with the almost bowling ball sized trackball.


40 years later, technology changes and Atari has gone back to the classic with a few extra surprises. Missile Command Recharged, just released for the IOS, Steam, Android and Nintendo Switch, and continues the adrenaline and lip biting tension with the constant play as opposed to the pausing between levels. The graphics are as close to the original game, but in addition to the missiles that are falling down, the ships flying across the screen and cities you are to protect, additional power-ups are flying around to add to your arsenal for a short time.


Playing this game on the Nintendo Switch is actually challenging since you are using the joystick and only one button. You do have a chance to survive but it takes a lot of practice. If you do fail, and you will, you have the opportunity to purchase power-ups for your missiles and shields. You could probably consider it as a bonus shop.


There really is no other way to describe Missile Command Recharged than a classic on steroids! It is out of the park wild and quick. Oh, and for $2.99 for the Switch and free for the IOS and Android with limited play, that makes it a game you REALLY want to add to the collection!




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