The Amiga news just keep on coming, as thanks to another heads up earlier today from a good friend of ours, we have been told that Pixelplop has teased a new Commodore Amiga game via the AmiJam of The Last Dungeon; A Zelda like game in which you have to traverse dangerous dungeons to find loot and keys! To coincide with this new Amiga news story, not only has the creator released a work in progress demo for you to try, but Saberman has done another video showing the game being played.

Here is what the creator says via the website linked below : “This is an Amiga Disk File (.ADF) and requires a real Amiga computer to run or through an Amiga emulator! (Amiga 500 ECS 1MB, OCS might be buggy!). This is my submission to the AmiGameJam 2022. Development was started in May 2023 after the deadline was extended. This is not a finished game! For various reasons I ran out of time. There will be bugs! If people like the game I will continue to work on it after the Jam in the hope of finishing it properly”.

Tools Used:

  • Visual Studio Community 2015
  • Visual Studio Code with Bartman^Abyss extension. (Coding)
  • WinUAE (Testing)
  • Aseprite (Graphics)
  • DarkAudacity (Sound)
  • OpenMPT (Music)
  • Tiled (Map)
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