Wanting to gift that special gamer someone with a unique gift you know they’ll love isn’t always easy. But no fear, we’re here with some custom-made gifts that the gamer in your life will love. If you know the games they enjoy, you’re in the right direction. Alternatively, if you know what’s missing in their set-up, why not replace it? With this in mind, here’s our top 6 custom-made gifts for your precious gamer.

  1. Custom-Made Gamertag

Gamers may have a decent set up that specifically suits them. They may even have specific times to play, especially if they play online with other people, which can take a lot of organizing when considering the different obligations and time zones, if people are playing in different countries. So your special gamer could be playing at night, which means a custom-made gamertag light would be an awesome gift to have lighting up a corner of their room.

There are various designs you can choose from, as well as a range of colours. These are becoming extremely popular because each gamertag is obviously unique to the person who uses it. Having their name lit up in an old school Eightbit Atari Regular font will be a completely retro design on a modern item, and will be something they’ll treasure.

  1. Playmat

These must-have items remind us of mouse mats, but they’re not. They’re much bigger and they have several uses. They can provide a safe, non-slip surface for playing cards on and can also be great to use when you’re playing online, using a keyboard and mouse.

The best bit about these playmats is you can create one specifically for your gamer, making it a truly personalized gift from you to them. As suggested by Your Playmat, the thickness you choose should depend upon whether the gamer in your life prefers a soft and light playing surface. Once you know these details, you can get really creative. If they like MineCraft, then you can get an image from their game to put on the playmat, or if they’re into anime, you could get a scene from their favourite series on it. Your gamer-giftee will love this one-of-a-kind gift.

  1. Wall Art

Every gamer will have a few games that hold a special place in their heart, for whatever reason, so why not get some wall art that you can personalize with their name for them? Perhaps if they’ve won a gaming tournament or competition, you could get artwork with their name and date as a memento. This is a gift that will definitely stand the test of time. It’ll bring back memories whenever your gamer looks at the wall art, making it priceless.

  1. Customized Games Console and Controller Wraps

These are amazing and can bring your gamer’s equipment to life! Made of vinyl, wraps will always make both the console and controllers look on point and if they were especially made for that special gamer in your life. What’s more, is that they will protect this gaming equipment from scratches, scuffs, and general wear and tear.

The best bit is you get to select the design you want and if it needs replacing, the vinyl can be removed without causing any damage to either the console or wraps, which is great if your friend wants to change up the look of his gaming equipment.

  1. Glowing Health Bar

OK, these are our guilty pleasures out of the lot on our list, so we couldn’t just pass these great custom-made glowing health bar pins. You can request your gamer’s tag be put as their name and decide what level the state of their health is at from one of three options; full life, mostly alive or mostly dead.

Based on the classic video game life bar, these glowing health bar pins are great accessories to wear on a night out or at a gaming event, or even just pinned to your bag. It’s the name and health bar that have a very noticeable glow. They will stay like this as long as they’re exposed to strong sunlight or backlighting.

  1. Cosplay

The ultimate custom-made gift has to be something made specifically for them to wear or use as part of a costume to represent their take on a character. This could be literally picture perfect, or if you know they have their own unique references, getting one of them designed for use would be a great gamer-gift. This will not come cheap, so it’ll depend on your budget and, if we’re honest, just how special your gamer friend is to you.

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