Thanks to another heads up from a good friend of ours , we’ve been told that if you’re looking for a new and fun game to play on your Commodore 64, then make sure to check out Drmortalwombat’s latest C64 game of ‘Veggies vs Undead’; A new game which going by the video and the screenshots below, look to be a homage to the 2009 tower defence game Plants vs Zombies. To coincide with this news, Saberman was kind enough to do a video showing the game in action.

Here is what the website says about this new Commodore 64 game “The zombies are on the loose, actually they are already in front of your property. The only thing between your brain and their insatiable appetite is your front lawn.  Luckily you just acquired an assortment of powerful flower seeds.  Plant them fast and smart to protect your home”. The game features day and night levels, increasing difficulty, and finally can be played via emulation or real hardware.

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